In his 4th decade as a profession comedian, Buddy Fitzpatrick has stayed the coarse. How? By always being current and relevant. Buddy continues to delve into the realities of being at the age he is and the ever changing world (along with it’s constraints, PC nonsense, cancel culture crap, can’t say this can’t say that baloney)! What is there left to talk about? Fitzpatrick finds the humor in it all and has much to say.

“Happy Now?” – Buddy’s new CD is available and can be heard on SIRIUS/XM and PANDORA.
“Still In The Driveway” – His new Dry Bar Special can be seen at the Dry Bar App or on YouTube.
“A Wrestling Christmas Miracle” – Which Buddy co-wrote and stars in can be seen on Amazon Prime.
“I Bet You Think This Play Is About You” – Buddy’s new One-Person play is in the works and coming to a black box theatre soon!

Go to the “See Me” page and check out Buddy’s Calendar for appearances near you!